Sport Scholarships

Our ambition is to foster a passion for excellence in all sports. We are committed to nurturing talent and developing raw ability, and we encourage all our young athletes to strive confidently towards self-improvement and sporting excellence. Pupils are expected to represent the school in their main sport except in rare cases where appropriate and arranged concessions throughout the year may be arranged to allow athletes opportunities to participate in fixtures outside of school that will benefit their performance and growth. These are all subject to individual requests. We pride ourselves on providing a performance programme that supports and guides our athletes in their quest to optimise their sporting potential alongside their academic potential both at school and at their chosen university.

Here are some of our recent success stories:
Harry Houillon (OS 2020) - Cambridge University, Kent Cricket academy.
Coco Streets (OS 2020) - Exeter University, Kent County Cricket regional development centre.
Nick Davies (OS 2019) - Liberal Arts at Yale University, Member of the Swiss International Sailing team.
Phoebe Barker (OS 2018) - Veterinary Sciences, University of Cambridge (Robinson College), Great Britain Junior Women, IAAF World Cross Country Championships 2017.
Natasha Farrant (OS 2017) - England Woman’s Cricket team.

How is our offering different from that at other schools?

  • We focus on the potential of the individual student’s talent to thrive through an innovative emerging talent programme.
  • We give our students access to one of the widest ranges of sports available within the independent schools sector, rather than only focusing on the major team sports.
  • Sports Scholars at Sevenoaks have in the past combined representation at National level with admission to a Russell Group university. There is no bar to success at the highest level both in sport and academic success.

As a sport scholar you will enjoy:

  • A sport-specific personal mentor alongside a peer mentor
  • Access to online podcasts with established individuals within the sporting industry alongside guidance and advice on a range of sport science principles
  • Guidance with goal setting and reviewing
  • Access to a strength and Conditioning coaching
  • Access to physiotherapy and support with injury rehabilitation

Successful candidates in return will be expected to be ambassadors for Sevenoaks school sport as follows:

  • Lead by example in all PE & Games sessions by wearing the correct kit, being on time and consistently applying all their efforts
  • Volunteer their time at two sporting fixtures throughout the school year, for example timekeeping at a swimming gala or helping at primary school community event.
  • Attend any of the S&C sessions at least twice a week
  • Maintain good regular contact with their mentor and peer mentor
  • Regularly represent the school in sporting fixtures alongside their external sporting commitments
  • Attend fitness profiling workshops throughout the year
  • Significantly contribute to their sport through extra-curricular activities
  • Represent the school in their main sport except in rare pre-arranged cases in order to allow athletes opportunities that will benefit their performance and growth. These are all subject to individual requests.

Scholarships are reviewed termly. A report is sent to individual athletes and a review with the Head of Scholarships takes place. Their continuance depends on attitude, conduct, participation and progress. If an athlete is deemed not to be following the expectations outlined as a sports scholar, they may have their S&C one-to-one session removed. If there is no improvement following further discussions, the renewed setting of expectations and a final discussion with parents, the decision may be taken to remove the Sport Scholarship.

Criteria for Application

Holders of Sports Scholarship are expected to make a significant contribution to the extra-curricular sporting calendar.

Sevenoaks School offers a breadth of sporting activities where the school competes locally and nationally in the following areas: Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Cricket, Fencing, Curling, Sailing, Squash, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball and Shooting.

Candidates who excel in at least two or more of the sports listed above to A team standard are invited to apply for a scholarship. It will also be beneficial to candidates' applications if they can demonstrate that they represent at county level or above in any of these sports.
Alongside candidates should:

  • Be coachable and willing to quickly implement given feedback
  • Have an excellent attitude towards learning both in their PE and Sport lessons
  • Demonstrate ambition and drive towards achieving a personal or team goal
  • Be able to make good decisions when under pressure
  • Be physically resilient and robust
  • Have positive emotional intelligence and are able to bounce back from setbacks
  • Be willing to take the lead by example to their peers
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have met the academic requirements of the school


Candidates who are successful in their application will be invited to the assessment day in May (13+) or November (16+) and will be assessed in the following:

  • The completion of a Fitness profile.
  • Assessment across the PE Curriculum and in their individual sports (where feasible).
  • Interview or presentation to members of the PE Department.
  • At 13+ candidates may also be assessed in Rugby or Football and Hockey or Netball.

Candidates unsuccessful in their application are likely to be included in the school Performance Programme. Due to the flexibility of the programme candidates will still have access to all our online resources alongside regular strength and conditioning sessions and we invite candidates to take advantage of all the opportunities on offer Sevenoaks.

For any further enquiries regarding the sports scholarships our Director of Sport (James Emmitt) and Head of Sports Scholarships (Lauren Cripps) would be happy to answer any questions.