Sevenoaks offers a Sport Performance and Scholarships Programme for talented students.

The programme is divided into two key areas: Sevenoaks School Sport scholars; and high level team and individual sports players who have access to our sports academies, which link into the Sennocke Centre’s High Performance Programme.

Sport Scholarships

Our ambition is to foster a passion for excellence in all sports. Through our commitment to nurturing talent and developing raw ability, we encourage all our young athletes to confidently strive for continuous self-improvement and towards sporting excellence.

Our Scholarship and Performance programme specifically aims to support and guide our top athletes in their quest to optimise their sporting potential, and in doing so, boost the performance of the school. 

As a sport scholar you will enjoy: 

·         A sport specific personal mentor
·         A sports scholars handbook
·         Guidance with goal setting and reviewing
·         Strength and Conditioning coaching
·         Preferential access to sports psychology lectures
·         Nutritional guidance and advice
·         Access to physiotherapy  and support with injury rehabilitation
·         Guidance with performance analysis
·         Invitation to Sports Scholars annual dinner

See our video: Sport at Sevenoaks 

How to apply for a sports scholarship 

The Sport Performance and Scholarships Programme (SPS) is the springboard to future success for talented sportspeople, and an opportunity for all those students wishing to pursue sport at a higher level to fulfil their potential.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking to select candidates who display what we consider to be the most important physical attributes and mental characteristics that lead towards becoming an elite performer. You should apply if you: 

·         Have raw athletic ability
·         Have excellent hand-eye co-ordination
·         Are coachable and willing to quickly implement given feedback
·         Demonstrate ambition and drive towards achieving a personal or team goal
-         Are able to make good decisions when under pressure
·         Are physically resilient and robust
·         Have positive emotional intelligence and are able to bounce back from setbacks
·         Are willing to take the lead
·         Have good communication skills
·         Have met the academic requirements of the school

We hope in return, successful candidates will ‘buy in’ to our programme in being an Ambassador for Sevenoaks School Sport: 

·         Aspire and work towards representing the school, their county and even their country!
·         Show passion, pride and sportsmanship in all that they do
·         Have a genuine desire to contribute to the sporting life of the school
·         Be prepared to be a leader
·         Help to make sport relevant to fellow students, whatever their ability

Scholarships are reviewed annually and their continuance is dependent upon attitude, conduct, participation and progress. 

Candidates unsuccessful in their application are likely to be included in the school Performance Programme where they will still receive support in the following areas:

-         Strength and Conditioning coaching
·         Potential access to sports psychology lectures
·         Nutritional guidance and advice 


Please download the application form and return to the Director of Admissions by the deadline stated above as per the respective age group.