Scholarships: An Overview

The school offers approximately 55 scholarships to pupils joining at the age of 11, 13 and 16. Scholarships for entry at 11+ and 13+ are worth a £1,000 reduction on the first year's fees, and for entry at 16+ they are normally worth 10% of the day fee. Supported Scholarships worth up to 50% of the day fee may occasionally be offered following means testing. Alternatively, means-tested bursaries up to 100% of the day fee are available. For information on assistance with fees, please click here.

Academic Scholarships

These are available at all entry points to the school, though not to internal candidates. Year 9 (13+) candidates who do not attend a UK prep school will be selected for the Academic scholarship process following their entrance tests. Candidates applying to join us at 13+ from a prep school may be put forward for our Academic scholarship exam by their school. For information on Academic scholarships, please click here.

Co-curricular Scholarships

We offer Co-curricular scholarships in Art, Drama, Music and Sport. Candidates can hold a maximum of one Co-curricular scholarship. Music scholarships are available to external candidates at all entry points. Art, Drama and Sport scholarships are available to both internal and external candidates at 13+ entry, and to external candidates at 16+ entry.  
Please note that candidates who apply for a Music scholarship at Year 7 entry will be ineligible to apply as an internal candidate during Year 8. This is with the exception of candidates who have been awarded a Music Exhibition at 11+ who may be invited to apply for a Music scholarship at 13+. 

For information on Co-curricular scholarships, please see below:
Music Scholarships 
Art Scholarships
Drama Scholarships
Sports Scholarships