Sevenoaks offers scholarships to students joining at 11+, 13+ and 16+. These scholarships honour and celebrate exceptional talent in academia, music, sports, drama and art.

In recent years we have reduced the financial element of our scholarships, as we have embraced a principle of awarding financial assistance according to need. We are now taking the final step and removing the financial element entirely for all candidates applying from 2022 onwards, although Music Scholars will still receive free tuition on one instrument.

This move will enable us to direct all our financial resources to supporting families who otherwise could not afford for their child to benefit from a Sevenoaks education. We firmly believe this is the right and equitable thing to do. Over the years, many families of scholars have taken the same view and waived their fee reduction to donate it to our financial assistance fund; we are most grateful to them.

This change applies for 13+ students who will join us in 2024, and for other applicants who will join us from 2023.

Scholars joining us at 13+ in 2023 will still be offered a £1,000 reduction on the first year’s fees.

For information on applying for means-tested financial assistance, which can be worth up to 110% of the day fee, click here.

Gaining a scholarship at Sevenoaks is an honour, and the start of an exciting journey. Scholars benefit from the guidance and encouragement of specialist staff from the moment they arrive at the school, as well as wonderful enrichment opportunities.

As an inclusive school, Sevenoaks does not make a strongly marked distinction between scholars and other students. Scholars are looked to as leaders in their field, galvanising other students with their passion, but our message is that all talented, dedicated students deserve support to achieve their goals and potential. This approach is welcomed by all students, including the scholars themselves, who appreciate and flourish in the less pressured environment this creates.

Academic Scholarships

These are available at all entry points to the school, and are by invitation following the entrance exams, with the exception of Year 9 (13+) candidates applying to join us from a UK prep school, who are put forward for our Academic scholarship exam by their current school.

Co-curricular Scholarships

We offer Co-curricular scholarships in Art, Drama, Music and Sport. Candidates can hold a maximum of one Co-curricular scholarship. Music scholarships are available to external candidates at all entry points. Art, Drama and Sport scholarships are available to both internal and external candidates at 13+ entry, and to external candidates at 16+ entry.  

For information on Co-curricular scholarships, please see below:
Music Scholarships 
Art Scholarships
Drama Scholarships
Sports Scholarships