Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

The CCF cadet experience is built around the themes of action, adventure, fun and friendship. The aim is for cadets to develop powers of leadership and to give them a basic knowledge of defence organisation. There is a lot of fun to be had as well as exciting activities which are generally unavailable outside the CCF.

The Sevenoaks School CCF consists of about 200 male and female cadets in Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy sections. We have 17 officers who are members of staff and we receive regular help from training teams and liaison officers from the regular forces. The CCF is an optional activity on Thursday afternoons and is entered at the start of Year 10. Each section follows a syllabus laid down by the MOD and there is a balance struck between military, leadership and adventurous training, in essence between learning and fun. At the senior cadet level the emphasis is on giving valuable experience in leadership from their roles as NCOs.

 Action, adventure, fun and friendship

Throughout the year we run overnight exercises in local training areas, and one-week camps are available during the summer holidays. On these, the army cadets train mainly in fieldcraft tactics whereas the RAF highlight is Air Experience Flying, and the RN sail and visit naval bases in Portsmouth. Cadets also have the opportunity to take advantage of the huge range of courses laid on by the Ministry of Defence – adventure training, leadership, service familiarisation etc.

New Year 10 cadets complete a four-week introduction to the three sections and cover some basic skills before undergoing Bronze DofE training for the rest of the term. Cadets are then allocated to one of the three sections (there is a choice, although numbers are capped in each) with whom they will then train from then on.

CCF with Knole Academy 

Ten Year 10 pupils and two members of staff from Knole Academy joined the army section of Sevenoaks School’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) in September 2016, and a further 12 pupils joined in September 2017.

Contingent Commander: Lt Col Paul Bassett

School Staff Instructor: C Sgt Ken Henderson-Thynne