Sevenoaks is a progressive, academic and international school. 

These characteristics are all reflected in the academic curriculum which is complemented by a full and wide-ranging co-curricular programme and a well established and successful framework of pastoral care.

Each of the three Divisions of the School (Lower, Middle and Upper) has its own distinctive curriculum. It is our aim to provide material which is appropriate for our high-achieving pupils and to embrace the best of what is new in education whilst guarding the best aspects of past tradition.

We want our students to learn how to study and work effectively on their own, and also how to contribute as part of a group; to listen in lessons, but also to speak and present. We want them to be as confident in the new technologies of tablet, cloud and smartphone as they are with book, paper and pen. They will know how to collaborate without copying, how to debate while still listening and will have learned that enthusiasm and curiosity are the best tools we have to combat cynicism and self-interest.

The common goal of all Sevenoaks teachers is to communicate effectively and to encourage pupils to develop a commitment to learning for its own sake. Preparation for university and beyond is viewed with equal importance and each pupil is taught to develop the self-motivated attitude to study to which all education should lead. Syllabus selection plays an important part in this: academic departments review their courses regularly to ensure that learning is a stimulating and interesting experience. 

I like to think of a Sevenoaks education in terms of four 'C's' - curiosity, challenge, creativity and collaboration. Wonder why, think how, imagine what and consider who is going to help you crack almost any problem!