Academic Scholarships

The aim of these assessments is to enable us to select those candidates who will be the academic leaders in the year group. We are looking for highly intelligent students who demonstrate genuine intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. There are 11 Academic Scholarships available at each entry point.

Academic Scholarship Assessment at 11+

Academic Scholarship awards at 11+ will be based on performance in the entrance tests and group interviews.  Results are sent to parents and schools in mid-February.  

Academic Scholarship Assessment at 13+

Following the entrance tests in the May of the year before entry, Year 9 (13+) candidates who do not attend UK prep schools may be invited to take part in the Academic Scholarship exams. Candidates who attend a UK prep school may be put forward by their school. The scholarship exams are taken over two days in the May of the year of entry. Candidates are tested in Science, Humanities (History and Geography), a general paper and a Modern Language from French, German, Spanish or Mandarin, offered either as native or second languages. Additionally they choose two optional subjects, including English, Maths, Science 2, Latin, Greek, a second Modern Language (French, German, Spanish or Mandarin), Design, Music, Art. Results are sent in the June of the year of entry. Please see below for further information.

Academic Scholarship Assessment at 16+

Following the entrance tests in October of the calendar year preceding entry, the highest performing candidates are invited to an assessment day at the end of November. This consists of a variety of stimulating intellectual tasks, often in small groups, but no further exams. Scholarships are awarded at the same time as places, at the start of December.

Year 9 (13+) Academic Scholarship Information

Academic Scholarship Application form