Drama Scholarships

Drama scholarships are offered annually at 13+ and 16+. Those joining the school at 11+ may apply as internal candidates for the award at 13+; the deadline for application is 1 January in Year 8.


Drama scholarships are open to boys and girls from any school. The scholarship is awarded for co-curricular involvement, although at 13+ candidates would be expected to study Drama during the Middle School years; in the Sixth Form, candidates are not required to study Theatre as part of their IB Diploma.

Holders of the scholarship will participate fully in the co-curricular theatre programme and be excellent ambassadors for the Drama department. Middle School scholars will be involved in at least four major productions during their time at the school. Sixth Form scholars will be involved in at least two major productions during their time in the Sixth Form, including the first term of the Upper Sixth year. In both cases, this involvement may be as a performer, director, technician or stage manager, and may include duties such as staffing front of house and working backstage. In any of these roles, holders of a Drama scholarship will demonstrate reliability, commitment, teamwork and a high level of skill.

All scholarships are reviewed annually and their continuance is dependent upon satisfactory conduct, attitude, participation and progress. At such a review, holders of awards are expected to assess their own contribution and to set targets for themselves.

Candidates applying to Sevenoaks School will be asked to express their interest during the application process. The 13+ Drama Scholarship assessment takes place in the Summer Term of Year 8. The Sixth Form Scholarship assessment takes place in November.

A satisfactory performance in the appropriate entrance examination is a condition of a Drama scholarship.

Drama Scholarship Information

Drama Scholarship Application Form

The Director of Drama, Mr Gavin Henry, is pleased to meet candidates informally at any stage and to answer any queries.

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