Sevenoaks School Teaching and Learning Conference

Supporting Flourishing in Schools

Friday 13 and Saturday 14 October 2023

Sevenoaks School Teaching and Learning Conference: October 2023

In association with Research Schools International and the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard's Flourishing Network

A two-day teaching and learning conference for teachers and education professionals co-hosted with the Flourishing Network at the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard and Research Schools International. 

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About the conference

In October 2023, Sevenoaks will host a two-day conference that brings together teachers, school leaders, and other educators and practitioners, both local and overseas, to consider the challenges and rewards of implementing flourishing practices in general, as well as delve more deeply into three particular themes:

1.      Learning activities that develop a sense of meaning and purpose

2.      Creativity and the Arts

3.      Connecting with Nature

Research-informed practices that promote student flourishing

The conference will focus on practical, school-based approaches that help students lead more fulfilling educational lives. We are also excited to form connections with schools and educators who seek understanding of what it means to flourish in a modern educational landscape that is very much subject to change.

In collaboration with the OECD/PISA, the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard, and Sevenoaks School, RSI has curated a list of evidence-informed education practices that are associated with student flourishing, which include:

  • Initiatives that foster close social relationships, including teacher-student relationships, friendships, and a positive school culture
  • Character skill interventions (e.g., gratitude practices, acts of kindness)
  • Service learning
  • Physical activity
  • Connecting with nature
  • Music and the arts
  • Play and laughter
  • Learning activities that develop a sense of meaning and purpose

Aims of the conference are:

1.      To consider ways in which particular themes associated with human flourishing can be introduced and developed within school communities. 

2.      To provide educators with opportunities to share experiences and practices related to flourishing in schools.

3.      To provide educators with opportunities to make connections and establish research interests that can be developed collaboratively over time.

Conference details and programme to follow. 

Ticket prices

One day conference ticket: £75

Two day conference ticket: £100

UK state schools are welcome to attend free of charge