Education Guardian Verification

Thank you for taking on the significant role of Education Guardian. In consideration of this appointment:

  1. You must be capable of responding immediately to situations that arise at school ie you must be contactable by telephone and/or email, and be in a position to travel to Sevenoaks School at any time and within a reasonable time frame.
  2. It is a requirement that you should be introduced to our child’s Boarding Housemaster/Housemistress (usually referred to as the BHM), within the first half term. You are always welcome to visit our child at other times, just as a parent would.
  3. If guardianship arrangements change at any time during your child’s time in the school, the new Education Guardian must arrange immediately on appointment to contact the BHM.
  4. If a new BHM is in post, you must arrange immediately to contact him/her.
  5. You may represent us at parents’ meetings if we ask you to, but we will inform the school in advance of such a visit.
  6. You may receive copies of our child’s grades and reports, if we request this in writing to
  7. You may attend school functions such as Founder’s Day on our behalf.
  8. Once boarding houses close at the start of half terms and ends of terms, parents and Education Guardians take over legal responsibility for the boy in their care. The times are published in advance in the school calendar.
  9. You would be required to take our child away from school, and look after him/her, in the event of disciplinary action by the school that results in suspension or expulsion, if we (the parents) are unable to do so.
  10. You are required to take our child away from school, and look after him/her, if the school were to be closed, or in the event of epidemic illness. You will also look after our child if they fall ill while under your care, returning him to school once they have recovered.
  11. At the end of terms and start of half term holidays, if for any reason travel services are restricted or cancelled, you will be required to be take our child away from school, and look after him/her.
  12. You are required to provide a postal address, an email address and a telephone number for contact at any time. Your address will appear on school internal mailing lists as the third address, after the parents’ main address, and secondary address. These lists will not be distributed outside school.
  13. Guardianship does not replace parental responsibility. It will still be necessary for parents to authorise weekend leave. We may devolve this responsibility to you, but only if specific notice is given by email or in writing to our child’s BHM.

Education Guardian Verification Form

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