25 April 2017

Year 9 French Exchange to Lyon

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We arrived in Lyon on 21 March to meet our exchange partners, and we stayed with them for eight nights. We were given a booklet with activities for each visit and a page for each day to write a diary in. My exchange partner helped me with some of it!  

Over the week that we spent in Lyon we took part in a variety of activities. I played Laser-Tag with some of my friends and their exchanges after school on Wednesday. We visited the renowned Chocolaterie Bernachon on Friday and learnt all about how chocolate is made and, of course, all about eating it! On Monday we spent a very sunny day in Annecy, a truly beautiful town. We had a guided tour, walked along the canal and ate a picnic. On Tuesday, our penultimate day, we spent the morning at our exchange partners’ school, and took part in an English and Music lesson. We went to the Musée des Confluences in the afternoon. We also went on a guided tour of Lyon and Dijon.  

The trip really improved my speaking skills, as my exchange family spoke to me in French almost all the time, though they were very accommodating and patient when I didn’t understand. I learned how to play new board games and how to say new words as well as trying lots of new food.

The culture and routine in France is very different; they eat much, much later than we are used to, they wear no school uniform and have a half-day at school on a Wednesday. Dinner seems more formal and is of restaurant standard every night!

The trip was a great mix of learning the French language, culture and even spending some time with friends. Because of the daily trips and activities, you never felt bored or alone. My exchange family made sure I had a fantastic time, and even took me to the Alps for the weekend. It was an amazing experience during which we all learnt what we cannot learn in the classroom.

Olivia Scott-Smith  

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