20 April 2024

IB Geography field trip to Morocco

Our IB geographers recently travelled back to Morocco.

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The Morocco trip was particularly significant this year following the September 2023 earthquake. Our two nights at Imlil saw our community work project come to life. Nestled in the High Atlas Mountains, the village had really suffered from the earthquake. It was a rewarding experience being part of the rebuilding project, collecting stones and filling sandbags in efforts to restore the village’s drystone walls.

Education For All, the charity we support in Morocco, also facilitated site visits to other affected areas. This included the school boarding houses they manage to help provide the opportunity of a secondary education for girls from the High Atlas mountain region.

The remainder of our action-packed trip saw us go dune-bashing in 4x4s to spend the night under the stars in the Sahara Desert. We played touch rugby and watched the sun set and bread being made in a traditional way, gathered around a fire. The next day we had a camel ride before visiting Noor solar farm and El Mansour dam, which play crucial roles in resource provision. We also had a fun afternoon at Atlas film studios, walking through the sets of Ben Hur, Gladiator and Aladdin.

Upon arriving at the coastal town of Essaouira we played sunset games of rounders and rugby; everyone got involved, which was great to see. During last two days there was time for shopping in the souks of Essaouira and Marrakech, where we spent our last night.

Further Geography studies came in the form of learning stops en route to places we visited, and evening lessons, including a session on studying Geography at university which was a useful time to ask questions.

The final day came round faster than all of us wanted it to; every aspect of the trip was unforgettable. It would not have been as great as it was had Mr Willis, Mr Woodroofe and Miss Durnford not come along too. Passing on their valuable knowledge was greatly appreciated as well as their patience and capability to keep spirits high.

Bea Harley, Lower Sixth


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