01 May 2024

French exchange to Lyon

Reflections on our Y9 exchange trip to Lyon, France.

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Prior to the trip, I thought that the French exchange would be just an opportunity for me to learn more about French whilst getting to spend time with my friends but in truth it was much more than that.

Being around my exchange and learning what it was like to be a student at a French school and learning what it was like to live in Lyon was eye-opening for me. Being immersed in the language and having the opportunity to speak it in this environment has helped me become a more confident and expressive speaker. Like most, in the beginning, I was incredibly nervous, a new city, an unfamiliar environment and most importantly a new language but getting to fully appreciate and take everything in was amazing.

One memorable experience was climbing (Escalade) at the Confluence Mall, which tested our trust in each other’s support to the extreme. For me my favourite parts of the trip were the times I got to spend with a small group of friends or with my exchange.

Thank you so much to the families of Les Chartreux for wholeheartedly welcoming us and for giving us so many memories to cherish forever.

KC Charnvises, Year 9

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