20 April 2024

Mandarin study trip to Taiwan

Our L6 and Y10 students recently took a study trip to Taiwan.

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Our trip to Taiwan was one of the best adventures I’ve experienced to say the least!

From having the pleasure of enjoying a puppet show whilst feasting on traditional Taiwanese cuisine, to embracing the renowned night life through the bustling night markets, this trip has allowed me to make unforgettable memories. The personalised mandarin lessons, calligraphy classes, tea picking and processing, rùnbǐng (润并) and bubble tea making, as well as a morning of kung-fu (功夫) encapsulated the rich culture and history of Taiwan and China to an exquisite degree; the fact that each activity used local, fresh ingredients from scratch ultimately added to the authenticity of it all.

Biking along the beautiful emerald- coloured Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) and hiking up Elephant Mountain (象山) to enjoy the view of Taipei city offered glimpses into the beauty of Taiwan’s landscapes and they’re expeditions I’d gladly take joy in doing again.

With 7-Elevens scattered across nearly every street, tea eggs, pastries, ice creams, a variety of snacks and helpful staff are always available to assist with whatever you need. However, the one thing that made me love Taiwan the most was its unwavering hospitality, especially from our lovely tour guide, Monica.

Chloe Tang, Lower Sixth

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