06 May 2015

Spanish study trip to Salamanca

Our L6 students enjoyed a study trip to Salamanca in Spain.

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The last week of my Easter holidays I went on the study-trip to Salamanca. Eleven boys and three girls from both Spanish Standard and Ab initio classes joined the trip, which started on Wednesday 15 April. Miss Gago had organised the trip and Mrs Boyd and Mr Priegue helped her and joined our trip. We arrived in the evening and were picked up by our Spanish family. As all of the families could not speak English very well we had to talk in Spanish to them, which helped in learning the language.

The next day started with five hours of school, which of course was exhausting but we were able to learn so much. We had grammar lessons, culture lessons and conversation lessons, which were all really fun and helpful to improve our Spanish. After this we did some sightseeing in Salamanca and ended the day together with a pizza-dinner.

Friday was another school day and in the afternoon we had a salsa lesson where we learned to dance salsa. All of us had a lot of fun and it was nice after the tiring school day. We did not have school on the weekends but did some excursions.

On Saturday we went to Segovia and visited the cathedral and the castle. Segovia is a really nice, little town and we enjoyed our time there. After the visit to Segovia we drove to another town, which was called Avila.

Monday was our last day and after the lessons we got our certificate for the intensive course. In the afternoon we ate "churros con chocolate", which is a typical Spanish desert-like food. In the evening we had a tapas tour through three different bars to experience the Spanish lifestyle in the bars in the evenings. After that there was a party organised for us because it was our last evening.

On Tuesday morning we visited the tower of the Salamanca’s cathedral and learned about its history. Then we had to pack everything and drive back to Madrid to get our flight back.

The time in Salamanca passed so quickly because the days were full of new things we learned. We had a lot of fun in our group and with our three teachers. I would strongly recommend the younger years to go on this trip and to take the chance of not only learning the Spanish language but also getting to know the culture and their habits.

Theresa Grillo, L6 Student

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