12 February 2018

IQ club visited the British museum

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On Tuesday 30 January the Lower School IQ club took a trip up to London to see the ‘Living with the Gods’ exhibition at the British museum. The exclusive exhibition was sectioned into different areas of religion, such as rituals, the elements and life after death. One of the first things featured was a 40,000 year old ivory carving of a lion headed man, which showed that humans believed in deities and almighty creators since the Stone Age.

I expected to see many Christian artefacts but was pleased to find artefacts from Australian tribes, South East Asia and many other cultures. I enjoyed discussing these different beliefs with a group of intuitive Year 3s from East London! The artefact which interested me most was a tribal mask used in a ‘coming of age’ ritual. While we were at the museum, we also got to see the stunning murals depicting scenes from Ancient Greek mythology that once decorated the Parthenon in Athens.We really enjoyed the day! With thanks to Mrs Campbell for organising the trip.

Tabby Bolter, Year 8

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