11 June 2024

Classics study trip to Pompeii and the Bay of Naples

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Twenty-three Year 10 Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation students travelled to the stunning Bay of Naples in late May to visit various museums, cities and old villas and gain a wider understanding of the lives of the ancient Romans (and, of course, eat ice cream). It was an unforgettable experience that allowed us to immerse ourselves fully in the ancient world that we spent the last year studying in the classroom. 

Our journey began in the National Archeological Museum, straight out of the airport and into the wonders of classical history. It is home to an impressive number of ancient artefacts, and we were amazed at the sheer skill of the artists that lived so many thousands of years ago, and their creativity and humanity. We got to see a whole range of treasures, from intricate mosaics to striking Farnese statues of Hercules and Apollo.  

We then visited Napoli Sotterranea, a route through the underground tunnels of Naples. It included the remains of a Greco-Roman aqueduct, as well as bomb shelters from the Second World War. We also got to climb Mount Vesuvius – a phenomenal experience with the most spectacular view. Another excursion that we all thoroughly enjoyed was the trip on a glass-bottomed boat to see the sunken archeological park of Baia Sommersa. It was fascinating to see the submerged ruins of Roman roads and sculptures. Other highlights of the trip included Poppaea’s Villa at Oplontis and the Pozzuoli amphitheatre. 

Pompeii and Herculaneum also proved to be extremely insightful into the lives of the ancient Romans. Pompeii was an entire day trip as there were many things to see, such as the old frescoes and plaster casts. 

Outside of academic pursuits, the water slides at the hotel were a much-needed break from the heat, and on a couple of nights, we were lucky enough to stroll to the ice-cream shop and indulge in the delicious Italian gelato, with double scoops all around. The walks to the supermarket were also a chance for us to enjoy the streets of Naples and each other’s company. 

The steps to get to our bungalows were a workout for usually idle creatures, but it was made worth it by the beautiful views available on the top floor. Our dinner each night at the hotel was a wonderful variety of foods and fruits, including pizza and pasta which were essential for any trip to Italy. 

We would like to give a special thank you to the three teachers who had to deal with twenty-three teenage students for six days in a row without breaking a sweat. We really appreciate them for making the creation of these memories and experiences possible; it was a trip that has brought us all closer together, and one we will never forget.  

Sophie Cook and Keya Srinivas, Year 10

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