31 October 2023

Cadet Inter-Services Skill at Arms Meeting

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Sevenoaks School provided two teams for the Cadet Inter-Services Skill at Arms Meeting and as the only CCF team to qualify for the competition, we enjoyed tremendous success shooting alongside teams from the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army Community Cadet Forces.  Excellent scores were achieve by all the participants with Seb Bray, Nadia Reavy, Rafe Wormsley and Jaiman Abson all being recognised in the Top 50 Cadets competing.  A particular highlight of the competition was winning the Falling Plate Knock-out competition against some very able and experienced teams.

Well done to our teams!

Sevenoaks A  Team

Jaiman Abson

Nadia Reavy

Yaro Bobko

Rafe Wormsley

Sevenoaks B Team

Seb Bray

Olly Hornshaw

Mneme Sivasthetti

Sam Ide

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