25 May 2018

Helen Scales: The Lives of Fish

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Marine biologist Helen Scales, who has spoken on many science programmes such as The Infinite Monkey Cage and whose book, Spirals of Time, was a book of the year for The Economist, Nature, The Guardian and The Times as well as a Radio 4 Book of the Week, visited The Space to give an inspiring and intriguing talk about the breadth, depth and diversity of fish in our oceans.

Helen spoke with great animation about topics ranging from the benefits of bioluminescence, of either the chemical or bacterial form, in the twilight zones of the oceans, to 500-year-old Greenland sharks and the tests for radiation that determine their age, to how herrings release bubbles of air from their swim bladders to make noises and communicate with each other.

All members of the audience were enraptured with the amazing facts she could deliver and afterwards many stayed to buy her book Eye of the Shoal and share their own memories and stories of the seas.

Jas Emmerson, Lower Sixth

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