Art Scholarships

Art scholarships are offered annually at the age of 13+ or 16+. Those joining the school at 11+ may apply as internal candidates for the award at 13+; the deadline for application is 1 February in Year 8.


Art scholarships are open to boys and girls from any school. Children who join the school at 11+ may apply as internal candidates for an Art scholarship at 13+. We are looking for pupils who meet the normal academic requirements of the school but who also demonstrate outstanding ability in art, particularly through creativity, imagination, manipulative skills, strong powers of observation and evidence of some specialist language and concepts appropriate to the appreciation of art. We expect holders of art scholarships to make a significant extra-curricular commitment to their art work. It is expected that holders of Sixth Form awards will take Art at IB Higher or Standard Level.

Art scholarships will normally be awarded for the duration of a pupil's school career, but may in the first instance be offered for a certain number of years. All scholarships are reviewed annually and their continuance is dependent upon satisfactory conduct, attitude, participation and progress. At such a review, holders of awards are expected to assess their own contribution and to set targets for themselves.

A satisfactory performance in the appropriate entrance examination is a condition of an Art scholarship.

Art Scholarship Information

Art Scholarship Application Form

The Head of Art, Mr Charley Openshaw, is pleased to meet candidates informally at any stage and to answer any queries.