03 March 2020

UKMT Junior Team Maths Challenge

Congratulations to our Year 8 and Year 9 mathematicians on taking third place at the regional round!

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A huge congratulations to our mathematicians for coming third out of 17 teams in the regional round of the UKMT Junior Team Maths Challenge. 

On Tuesday, 25 February a team of two Year 8s and two Year 9s went to Tonbridge Grammar School to participate in a UKMT team maths challenge. We didn’t have far to go so the journey was short and relaxing. We arrived before 10am.

As soon as we stepped into the hall, however, we all felt a bit nervous, but fortunately it didn’t take long before curiosity and excitement took over.

The challenge comprised several group activities. Our team of four also had to split into two pairs for some of these. There was a group round, a crossnumber, a shuttle and a relay. A lot of the activities were fast-paced and we always had to work against the clock. This made the whole day really fun and it passed really quickly.

A few of us recognised participants from other schools, but we had no time to talk and chat as the whole day was filled with maths. Lunch was a much-needed breather.

Our team worked well together and we all benefited immensely from the experience. It gave us a broader perspective and appreciation for maths. Had the event been longer though, we would have no doubt enjoyed getting to know the other participants more and perhaps even working together to solve the problems that stumped us all!

Congratulations to the winners, The Judd School. 

Ben Dueck, Year 8


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