09 November 2020

Sporting highlights

Congrats to Annabel and our staff netball team.

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Congratulations to Annabel Cheveley who is through to the second phase of the U16 England hockey trials. 

Leadership Club

We are running a leadership club as part of the after-school sport sessions, which has proven to be a success so far. The pupils have been set various challenges and have also had the opportunity to teach in small groups. This is available for Y7-10 pupils on Monday and Tuesday nights. 


Well done to the staff team who competed in a local tournament on Wednesday night, just before the lockdown, coming away winners in their first match. Hopefully, they will be able to get back on court in the not-too-distant future. 

PE and Games 

We are making a concerted effort as a department to reward character, especially effort, determination, and resilience. At the end of each PE and Games session, the pupils who are considered best at the aforementioned traits are awarded distinctions. This is done via teacher assessment but also via peer assessment as well. 

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