12 January 2021

Sporting highlights

Congrats to Maddie on her sailing squad selection and many fantastic initiatives to get involved with during lockdown.

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Maddie Regulla-Wilkens has been a member of the Sevenoaks sailing squad since joining the school in Lower Sixth last year. Sadly the pandemic has meant her opportunities to represent the school at competitions has been very limited; however Maddie’s talent, drive and commitment were clear from the start and her sailing prowess was instrumental in her earning a place at Dartmouth College and straight into the team.

Masked Miler Challenge – Run, Cycle, Walk or Row

All competitors will be required to either walk, run, cycle or row an accumulative distance and report back with their results at the end of each week. If wishing to join the challenge, throughout lockdown you will be identified by a unique number within your squad. Your number will be a secret to you and it’s important that this is not communicated to others over the weeks ahead.  Given that everybody’s identity will remain anonymous, we will then unmask  the winning ‘Milers’ for three separate categories when we return to school.

These categories will include: 

  • Total Accumulative Distance (Walk, Cycle, Run & Row Combined) 
  • Max Single Effort (Total Distance – Separate Winners for Walking, Cycling, Running & Rowing) 
  • Total Representations (Individual Contributions) 

Regular updates will be sent out via our social media pages. Please follow us on Instagram @Sevenoakssport or Twitter @Sevenoaks_Sport

Please email jdc@sevenoaksschool.org if wishing to join the challenge and you will then be assigned a number. 

Squads – 

Squad 1 – Year 7 & 8

Squad 2 – Year 9

Squad 3 – Year 10

Squad 4 – Year 11, 12 & 13

Squad 5 – Teaching Staff & Support Staff

Squad 6 – Old Sennockians & Parents 

How to log your mileage – Take a screen shot of your exercise, displaying distance completed using any apps/electronic devices. Log all exercise over the course of the week and this will be entered alongside your individual profile, whilst contributing to your squad total and the combined school total. We recommend that you sign up and join our strava group: Sevenoaks Sport.

Submitting Evidence –  Submit your evidence by emailing jdc@sevenoaksschool.org at the end of each week with your total accumulative distance. Weekly efforts can only be counted if submitted before 17.00 on the final Sunday of each week.

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