24 April 2022

Spanish trip to Santiago de Compostela

Over the Easter break, some of our Lower Sixth visited Santiago de Compostela.

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The Spanish trip to Santiago de Compostela was both the first residential school trip after the pandemic in our school as well as my first trip with the school, as a new Sixth Form student, and on both fronts, it was very successful.

My Spanish has improved, thanks to the four hours a day of Spanish lessons that we attended at a Spanish speaking institute throughout the week. We also explored the city, admired the beautiful Cathedral and the parks, and learned how dance Salsa (or we at least tried!). We also visited the nearby seaside town, Coruña, where we visited an aquarium with the cute seals really stealing the show and paddled in the sea after visiting a science museum.

One of the biggest highlights of the trip was meeting the Spanish students from the local school that we were meant to do an exchange with (which got postponed due to the pandemic). They were all very friendly and were eager to show us around the town, in fact we ended up spending most of our evenings with them. It was particularly nice to speak Spanish with people our age, a somewhat rare opportunity, and learning more colloquial language. 

Overall, the eight-day trip allowed for the group to grow closer whilst experiencing and learning about Spanish culture together.

Tessa Owen, L6

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