We have a team of pastoral staff committed to the wellbeing, flourishing and safeguarding of all students. We encourage parents to contact their child's tutor in the first instance, and our team of Divisional Heads will also be happy to help or advise with any concerns you may have.

Deputy Head Pastoral

From September 2021   Mr Jonathan Lidiard

Divisional Heads

Lower School Divisional Heads

Head of Lower School Mr Phil de May
Assistant Divisional Head Mrs Rachael Campbell 

Middle School Divisional Heads

Head of Middle School  Miss Rachel McQuillin
Divisional Head Miss Emily Hastings
Divisional Head Mr Cameron Kiggell
Divisional Head Dr Paul McKeating

Sixth Form Divisional Heads

Head of Sixth Form         Dr Matt Edwards
Divisional Head Mrs Vanessa Fitzgerald 
Divisional Head Mr Paul Harvey
Divisional Head Ms Lizzie Seetharaman