About the Divisional Heads

The Divisional Heads work closely with the Pastoral Deputy Head and tutors to ensure consistency of the pupils’ experience across the school. They oversee the three sections of Sevenoaks: the Lower, Middle and Upper School.

The Divisional Heads are very experienced teachers and pastoral specialists. There are seven in total: one in the Lower School and three in each of the Middle and Upper Schools.

They lead assemblies for their section of the school and oversee the academic progress and happiness of pupils in their division. They guide and monitor tutors, providing support and training where necessary. They will be involved in more serious issues relating to an individual or when more than one pupil is involved.  

Along with the Head of Boarding, the Divisional Heads are members of the Pastoral Committee, which is chaired by the Pastoral Deputy Head. The committee meets weekly to address whole-school pastoral issues and plan events.  

They have offices in or near the relevant common room and are very approachable and accessible for students to go to with problems. They also see pupils to congratulate them when they have been awarded Distinctions for outstanding performance.  

Parents regularly have the opportunity to meet their children’s Divisional Heads, as well as tutors and subject teachers, to discuss progress and problems.

Very approachable, accessible and experienced teachers and pastoral specialists, who oversee the academic progress and happiness of pupils.