23 April 2024

Outstanding US and international university offers

We are delighted that Sevenoaks students have received a hugely impressive 165 offers to US universities.

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We are delighted that Sevenoaks students have received a hugely impressive 165 offers to US universities.

This year, 70 Sevenoaks students applied to a wide range of US colleges and universities, and they have earned offers from every Ivy League school, including four offers from Yale, one from Harvard, five each from Brown, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania, three each from Dartmouth and Cornell, and one from Princeton.

Other highlights include highly coveted offers from a wide range of other ‘Ivy Plus’ universities, including six offers from both Duke and University of Chicago, three from NYU, three from Northwestern, two at Johns Hopkins and an offer each from Vanderbilt and Stanford.

Students also received offers from leading state universities, including 20 offers at University of California, five at University of Virginia, two at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and one from University of Michigan.

Top Liberal Arts Colleges also featured, with students earning places at Bowdoin, Claremont McKenna, Davidson, Middlebury, Wesleyan and Williams.

US university applications remain highly competitive, even more so this year, making this an outstanding offer rate for Sevenoaks.

Our Higher Education department is experienced in advising students applying to international universities. As well as the US and Canada, Sevenoaks students regularly receive offers from European institutions in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, France and Ireland. Our leavers also go on to study in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, UAE and Australia. In total, 48 per cent of the Upper Sixth (107 students) applied overseas this year.

We also congratulate our students who have received offers for dual and triple degrees across countries. These have become popular with Sevenoaks students and include the four-year Sciences Po-Columbia dual degree, the St. Andrews-William and Mary dual degree, and the four-year Bocconi, University of Southern California, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology degree.

Jesse Elzinga, the Headmaster at Sevenoaks School, said: ‘This is an exceptional range of offers and I am so proud of the hard work of our students and staff. Every year our students apply to top universities all over the world and our remarkable Higher Education team is experienced in supporting them find the right university. We encourage them to explore and develop interests and passions through their studies and co-curricular activities, which helps to guide them on their path to university, careers and adult life.’

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