21 March 2024

Higher Education update

Our Upper Sixth students are midway through the higher education admissions cycle and are receiving an impressive range of offers from UK, US and international universities.  

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UK University offers

This year 229 Sevenoaks students have applied through UCAS to UK universities, and they have to date received 645 UK offers.

One in nine students have received offers from Oxford and Cambridge, with 27 places offered: 12 at Cambridge and 15 at Oxford. The Cambridge subject offers comprise Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Classics, Geography, History, Human, Social and Political Sciences, Law, Modern and Medieval Languages, Natural Sciences, and Psychological and Behavioural Sciences. The Oxford subjects comprise Biomedical Engineering, Classics, Economics and Management, English Language and Literature, Experimental Psychology, Geography, History, Mathematics/Mathematics and Statistics, Philosophy, French, Russian and Theology.

To date, our student offers from UK universities include 70 from UCL, 51 from Exeter, 52 from Bristol, 50 from King’s College London, 42 from Durham, 42 from Warwick, 37 from Bath, 28 from Imperial, 25 from Nottingham, 23 from Manchester, 22 from Edinburgh, 20 from York, 19 from St Andrews and 14 from LSE. We look forward to hearing the outcome of the remaining applications as we proceed through the university offers cycle. The UCAS deadline was 26 January, so we await further offers throughout the next few months.

International offers

For the US, we will know the outcomes from the Regular cycle in early April. To date over 70 offers have been received by 41 students to 37 separate US institutions – 34 of which were through the Early round (Early Action and Early Decision I) including 3 offers so far to each of Columbia and Yale, 6 to the University of Chicago, 5 to the University of Virginia, 2 to Georgia Tech, and to New York University, UCLA and Middlebury. Our students have received scholarship offers to Michigan State, Syracuse and Tulane as well as the Honours college at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We are also very pleased to have one student going to Northeastern University in Boston to play field hockey.

Internationally, offers have been made to students from the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto, Western University and McGill University in Canada, including many with scholarships. We have also had offers from Bocconi in Italy, Sciences Po in France, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with many more outcomes yet to be released.

As students increasingly want to explore all of their university options, 44 per cent of the Upper Sixth (98 students) have applied to universities outside the UK.

Lower Sixth

Students this term are enjoying the Higher Education programme which has included presentations on university admissions with Dr Katherine Lloyd-Clark of Exeter University, Fred Binley of Lancaster, Stephen Gray of Warwick and Georgi Stapley of London Northeastern. They have also heard talks on Graduate employment from James Darley at Transform Society and on International University options from Stefan Watts at Study Options and Jason Smith at UES Education.

We have hosted optional sessions on the ‘Beginners’ Guide to Degrees in’ series by Sevenoaks Heads of Department and Higher Education Advisers. Next term we look forward to a talk from Professor Carl Gombrich on Interdisciplinarity, and an OS panel. We will also be conducting further individual Higher Education meetings with Lower Sixth students and hosting more HE department events.

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