14 March 2018

Music at Sevenoaks Choral Concert Tuesday 13 March 2018

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Choral singing is a fantastic way to involve young and old voices of all abilities. It is a prime example where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Last night the combined Choral Society and Parents’ Choir, under the visionary and inspirational direction of Mr Heighway, gave a performance of Mozart’s Requiem which was nothing short of sublime.

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Charting the extremes of emotion between the convoluted double fugues framing the work to the wonderful homophony of the Sanctus, this was a wonderful homage to Mozart, who ironically died before he completed this masterpiece. Sachi Gwalani (Year 10) described the experience of singing in the midst of such a large choir and being enveloped by its powerful harmony as an unforgettable experience, to speak nothing of the profundity of the Requiem Mass itself.

The Senior Girls’ Choir sang a selection of contemporary pieces, including ‘Someone like you’ by Adele. Pre-concert worries about the soloists missing their entries did not materialise! Rather, it was a most appealing performance, and much savoured as it was the final outing under the direction of Miss Chan and Miss Vershinina at the piano.

Also showcased in the programme were the Junior Chamber Choir, the Barbershop Quartet, and the Sennocke Consort, giving ample evidence that ensemble singing, big and small, is thriving here at Sevenoaks.

Tau Wey

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