14 February 2022

Lyon virtual exchange

In spite of the pandemic and restrictions, Y9 students signed up in December to participate in a virtual exchange.

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 Sevenoaks School has a long-standing exchange arrangement with L‘Institution des Chartreux, a mixed Roman Catholic school set in a residential area on a hill overlooking the old town. In fact, the exchange has been running for decades. In spite of the pandemic and restrictions, we have maintained these ties of friendship over the past two years and Y9 students signed up in December to participate in a virtual exchange. They were faced with the daunting task of sending their holiday wishes to families in France and compiling a short video for them. In January, each participant also sent a greeting card to their partner and had the pleasure of receiving a card or letter in turn. Some were relieved to find that writing in English was just as challenging for French students as writing in French is for them.

A Lyon parent wrote :

“The exchange between Pauline and Lottie has started well, it is a real pleasure. Each is having a go at speaking the other’s language, which creates delightful exchanges. I have also spoken to her (Sevenoaks) parents who make a point of communicating in French. Your pairing up of the students is a success, the girls are a good match. Thank you again.”

“L’échange entre Pauline et Lottie a bien démarré, c’est un plaisir. Chacune joue le jeu en parlant la langue de l’autre, ce qui donne des échanges croustillants. J’ai aussi échangé avec les parents qui mettent leur point d’honneur à répondre en français. Manifestement, votre travail d’appariement est une réussite, les filles sont bien assorties, merci encore”.

We look forward to continuing this exchange throughout the year and giving participants more opportunities to put their language skills to practice.   

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