Sevenoaks School believes the International Baccalaureate to be the best educational experience on offer today. It is the gold standard in international Sixth Form education and has been shown to provide the best preparation for the most competitive universities.

The IB is most distinctive, however, in that it is more than simply a qualification; it is a broad and coherent educational vision, supported by a clearly defined set of values.

The IB Diploma as a qualification

For nearly 40 years the IB has helped Sevenoaks students earn places in the world’s top universities. Our success rate in all subjects shows that universities are well aware of the benefits provided by the IB and welcome our students’ applications wholeheartedly. 

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Sevenoaks and the IB - an overview

I am delighted to read that all your students study the IB. This is an excellent qualification – I wish all my students would come with it! It provides an education, rather than just very good knowledge in three areas.

Dr Mike Dobson FSA, Director, Flexible Combined Honours, University of Exeter 

The IB Diploma as a vision of education

More than just a qualification, the IB provides a distinctive educational experience for Sevenoaks Students. It allows students to study a wide range of subjects throughout their Sixth Form, while giving them the freedom to choose which subjects to study in greater depth. A number of opportunities exist for students to develop specialised knowledge and skills in topics that interest them the most.

The IB also provides teachers with the opportunity to engage with students in topics and questions that the students themselves are interested in. While these opportunities are certainly the best preparation for undergraduate studies, IB students also develop the ability to take on new ideas from across the disciplines throughout their lives.  

Results in the IB have been exceptional in relation to both the worldwide and UK averages. These results, considered alongside the pupils’ work and achievement in lessons, indicate that they make excellent progress in relation to pupils of similar ability.

ISI Report 2013

The International Baccalaureate is administered from Geneva by the IBO, and further information can be obtained by visiting their website

Read the latest HESA report that concludes that IB students out-perform A level students in securing places to top UK universities.

Investing in the IB 

The school is investing in IB education through the development of a new Sixth Form Global Study Centre. This new centre will create an inspirational environment built for a thrivinig, international Sixth Form. This world-class facility will help us to implement the IB vision which combines academic strength, broad co-curricular opportunity and a powerful service ethos. Within this space we will cultivate excellent study and research habits, and a clear understanding of the 21st century workplace, thereby easing the transition to university and careers. 


Director of IB: Nigel