15 March 2022

Expand and Grow: STEM Week returns to the school campus

We were delighted to host our annual STEM Week event in-person last week, bringing it back to the Sevenoaks School campus.

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We were delighted to host our annual STEM Week event in-person last week, bringing it back to the Sevenoaks School campus with live classrooms and audiences for the first time in nearly two years.

Children from 20 local schools enjoyed a range of workshops, shows, and talks based around the theme Expand and Grow. These were also open to Sevenoaks pupils.


Aviation engineering

The Sandy Gun Aerospace Programme delivered talks on aviation engineering and careers on Monday. Primary pupils enjoyed learning about the physics of how planes leave the ground and the fascinating story of the restoration of Spitfire AA810. They also loved the Rolls-Royce Merlin XX aircraft engine on display on the Flat. In the afternoon, Sevenoaks School pupils attended a talk on aerospace careers.


Science workshops

Midweek, Sevenoaks School staff and students ran workshops for Key Stage 2 pupils in the labs, with a range of interactive experiments, from pond dipping (Biology) and slime making (Chemistry) to engineering K-Nex structures and Micro:bit coding (Technology).


Fabulous science shows

In The Space, Mr Tate wowed the audience with his Liquid Nitrogen show, and we welcomed back Science Made Simple with their award-winning shows. They also introduced a new workshop, Science Busking, in which the primary pupils learned science communication skills, using basic household objects to engage an audience.


Switching on Stars at the dawn of time

Sevenoaks students attended a lecture by cosmologist Dr Emma Chapman, in which she spoke about exploring the era of the first stars using radio telescopes and stellar archaeology. This included a Q&A and the opportunity to get a signed copy of Dr Chapman’s book, First Light.


Science Fair

To celebrate the end of STEM Week, our students held a science fair in the Science and Technology Centre atrium. It was an opportunity for all years to share their scientific passions and interests. These included Bernoulli’s principle, complete with hair dryer, ping-pong balls and Nerf guns; the sustainability of vinyl; bioluminescence; Monte Carlo simulations; black holes; F1 cars; robots; Bismuth crystals; Dyson spheres; carbon fibre; anti-biotic resistance and much more. There was a wonderful atmosphere at break and lunch as staff and students visited stalls, asking questions and trying out demos.


Dr Ali Galloni, Sevenoaks School’s Head of Science and Technology, said: ‘It was wonderful to be able to run STEM Week in person once more. We thoroughly enjoyed welcoming visitors from local schools and connecting with our communities again. We fully appreciate the effort other schools made to come, given how Covid is still causing absences. We hope local schools will be able to join us again on Tuesday 5 July for the Galactic Challenge.’


View our STEM Week Flickr galler here



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