13 May 2015

Easter Bisley shooting

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In the Easter holidays Mr West took a group of six students on a fullbore trip to Bisley. We had a total of three days shooting, and on each day we shot a minimum of six targets each. Throughout the days we shot at distances of 300, 500 and 600 yards, the majority of us finding 300 the most challenging distance, yet our shooting was still on form!

I was one of the more experienced shooters on this trip – a new experience, and unlike previous trips. This meant that we were helping out those who were on their first trip, and were getting used to the unique environment of a fullbore range. In order to prepare our team for the Ashburton competition Mr West taught Sasha and Cecilia to wind-coach people through their targets.

On our second day however we tried our own hand at butt-marking (marking the targets). This was most definitely a new experience for everybody, and one that we all enjoyed. We had no idea how difficult a task it really was, and it required a lot of teamwork to mark the targets at a speedy rate so that we could shoot more targets. This practice was essential, but it was on this trip that our training really began to come together, and you could see the foundations of our team were holding strong.

Alberta Leonard

This was my first fullbore trip, and whilst I had partaken in various training afternoons the previous year, the routine was very new for me. We began training on Friday, shooting at 300 yards. What initially struck me was the sheer amount of teamwork that goes into fullbore; the success of the shoot comes down to so much more than how the current shooter performs on his or her detail; kit preparation, timing and fluidity and morale are all just as essential as actually pulling the trigger.

By Saturday, I felt very comfortable shooting at 500 yards and had immediately picked up the ideas of process for creating a solid team shoot. After few details, I could already see improvement in my targets. We aimed for about four to six shoots a day, and I could really see that with continued practice the more confident I was getting with the way fullbore works. On our final day we shot at 600 yards. With each distance we swapped to, our sights had to be recalibrated and target cards changed accordingly, so I was soon accustomed with the parts and maintenance of the rifle. Up until now, the weather had been dry and pleasant, however on the last day we were hit with wind and showers. Regardless, everyone put in a strong effort to keep morale up, we all shot and came out with some good targets.

Being part of the team and shooting well together was highly rewarding and exciting. The experiences from my first fullbore trip will be something which I will take forward into the future as not only the invaluable skills that I have learnt, but as a great memory of the shooting section ‘family’.

Sam Hayward

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