Service at Sevenoaks

The Voluntary Service Unit (VSU) began at Sevenoaks School in 1961. It was one of the pioneers of school-based community service in this country, and it remains one of the largest and most ambitious school service programmes.

Service at Sevenoaks is far more than fulfilling the CAS criteria of the IB or contributing to the ever expanding co-curriculum. It aims to broaden our students’ minds, and enable them to gain a healthy perspective on life beyond school.

A key aim of our service programme is to encourage empathy and to support students in becoming more sensitive to the needs of others. This is especially important in a large school community with a range of students from a variety of backgrounds.

Students are given the opportunity to try something new and different through the array of placements on offer. Our students have a wealth of interpersonal and practical skills which they apply to many challenging situations. Over time barriers are broken and these skills grow together with their confidence and self-esteem. Many students are able to gain a genuine appreciation for others less fortunate than themselves.

Over the coming years our aim is to broaden every student’s perspective on life and activities out of school, stretching their interests and taking their experiences with them to make a difference in their own community and beyond.

On Thursday afternoons, pupils in Year 10 and above are involved in weekly activities with a broad theme of Global, Local and School Service. In Year 10 students opt for CCF or Service, also known as voluntary service unit (VSU). From Year 10 to the Upper Sixth, around 350 pupils are involved in providing a service in one of the three areas.

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