All candidates are invited to the assessment day at Sevenoaks School in April.

They will sit papers in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning, participate in a 40-minute group discussion led by our teachers, and enjoy a co-curricular taster activity.

Our friendly staff and students aim to make it an enjoyable day; we love to see the candidates making friends with each other and leaving with big grins on their faces. 

We are keen to accommodate candidates who need extra time, word processing or other provision. You can read more about the school’s learning support here.

Timetable for Year 9 Entry in September 2026

1 October 2024Closing date for 2026 applications
January 2025Reports requested from candidates’ schools
22 April 2025Boarding candidates arrive
23 April 2025Assessments
Late May 2025Decisions sent
May 2026Academic Scholarship Examinations and Co-Curricular Scholarship Assessments

Past papers

Past Maths and English papers can be found below. We have also provided an example of a Maths Mark Scheme to give a better understanding of how these papers are assessed. We do not make sample Verbal Reasoning papers available, but any of the 13+ practice papers such as the Bond, GL Assessment, CGP or NFER series are useful preparation.


Sevenoaks offers scholarships to honour and celebrate exceptional talent in academia, music, sports, drama and art.

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Offers of places, including scholarships, are sent by email to all candidates. Acceptance of all places must be confirmed by the payment of a deposit (£2000 for day pupils; £5000 for boarding pupils) and the completion of a Form of Acceptance by the date in June specified in our offer letter. Any candidate who decides not to accept their place is requested to inform us of their decision as soon as possible so their place can be released to a reserved candidate.

Some candidates will be reserved. This means they have passed our tests and have demonstrated that they would be good Sevenoaks students. We will be pleased to offer them a place if one becomes available later in the process. Parents are advised to keep in touch with the Director of Admissions in this situation. We consider our reserve candidates as a pool, not a list. When a place becomes available, we offer it to the most suitable reserved candidate.

“Ultimately, we are looking for students who are bright and eager to be involved in the wider, co-curricular life of the school, and – most importantly – who are kind.”

Lorna Dolan, Director of Admissions

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