School Ethos

Founded in 1432, Sevenoaks School enjoys the distinction of being one of the UK’s longest established schools. A tradition of innovation and excellence has seen Sevenoaks develop into a co-educational day and boarding school, its constituency extending both locally and across the globe. The school offers a rigorous as well as a rounded education for pupils from the age of 11 to 18. The campus offers a safe, attractive and, in parts, spectacular environment in which to learn and grow. Sevenoaks has a worldwide reputation as a centre of excellence and as a flagship for the International Baccalaureate.

The school aims to continue its outstanding record of academic achievement, pastoral care and co-curricular opportunity. Academic excellence is achieved by bright, motivated students, inspired by highly qualified and dedicated teachers in well-resourced classrooms. A professional team of specialist tutors, boarding house staff and year heads ensures that our pupils are happy and receive expert care and support, while the mutual respect shared by students and staff helps to generate an atmosphere of tremendous friendliness. State-of-the-art facilities, together with high level instruction, provide rich opportunities for pupils to participate in a wide variety of sports, the performing arts and many other activities.

Every pupil is encouraged to be curious, creative, critically aware, and to develop his or her passion and talent to the full. Life is fast-paced and dynamic, and expectations are high. At the same time, we cultivate in our pupils the habit of reflecting on their learning, and on the way they behave and perform. While distinctively forward-looking, the school continues to value its alumni, who return for regular matches, social events and anniversary dinners, and whose presence is strongly felt and recorded in the inclusive school publications.

The school’s international outlook promotes the principles of tolerance and open-mindedness. Regular assemblies, tutor group meetings and a programme of talks help to foster the social and emotional welfare of our pupils, while a long tradition of service and local and international charity projects advances a core set of values across the student body. Ambitious but principled, confident and compassionate, our pupils are prepared for leadership in an ever more complex world.

All of our Sixth Form students pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma, a programme the school has delivered for over 40 years. The Diploma represents, in the school’s view, the best preparation for university and for work in a world of global competition. Students leave Sevenoaks to study a wide range of courses at top universities in the UK, the US and elsewhere. They do so with an enlarged capacity for independent thought and intellectual risk-taking, a strong appetite for learning, and equipped with the skills and personal qualities necessary for a happy and successful life.