13 March 2020

£10 Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

Pupils in Year 8 recently completed the £10 Challenge and spent four weeks developing their business ideas to generate a profit of £3000 which will be donated to two local charities chosen by the students.

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On 23 January we launched the Year 8 social entrepreneurship challenge.

Pupils were given £10 as seed capital to create their own mini social business to raise funds for Hospice in the Weald and Young Minds UK – two causes a year 8 pupils committee chose, wanting to reduce the stigma for those suffering from mental health issues, and support many families who are affected by terminal illness in the local area.

Pupils came up with a range of creative ideas, from seed bombs to personalised key rings, tennis tournaments and soap-making workshops. They were encouraged to reflect on how they could solve various social problems through creating various products and services. Teamwork was key to discuss!

At the end of the project, the pupils had to present to their peers, with some groups recognised for their commitment, creativity and teamwork.

In total pupils raised an astonishing £3000 which will be split equally between Young Minds and Hospice in the Weald. This will enable Young Minds to continue their work advocating for, and supporting, young people affected by mental health challenges, as well as enabling the hospice to provide further support for its patients and their families.

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