07 January 2021

10 Reasons to Come to Sevenoaks School Summer Programme

10 Reasons to Come to Sevenoaks School Summer Programme

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1. Unique academic course

Sevenoaks School Summer Programme is the only school in the world where you can come and take classes in Critical Thinking, Social Leadership, Creativity and Digital Skills over a two-week period in the summer. The academic modules are designed by our own teachers and are taught by them too. Critical Thinking has never been more essential, with fake news and propaganda at the heart of much of the world’s discourse around a multitude of issues. The global pandemic has shone a light on many of the inequalities that exist in the world and in Social Leadership, students will learn about some of these while working together to come up with innovative solutions. Creativity is an area which is important in all areas of life and in this module, we examine what is meant by that while enabling students to develop their self-confidence and take themselves out of their comfort zones. Finally, with Digital Skills, the world is becoming more and more technological by the day. In this module, students improve their practical abilities as well as soft skills like teamwork and leadership, and work together to build a robot.

All of the modules are linked to the International Baccalaureate (IB), a programme that we specialise in, here at Sevenoaks.

2. Boarding experience

Here at Sevenoaks, we are fortunate to be blessed with seven wonderful boarding houses, all with their own distinct personalities. On the Summer Programme, we use two of them; one for boys and one for girls. The girls live in Park Grange, a beautiful Victorian home that has been a boarding house since 1948. The house has a lovely, cosy feel to it with big rooms containing masses of character. The boys live in Aisher House, the school’s newest boarding house, opening in 2019. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities and with most rooms having en-suite bathrooms, the boys love living in Aisher.

3. Co-curricular opportunities

As well as being known around the world for our academic results, the co-curriculum is at the heart of life at Sevenoaks. On the Summer Programme, all students choose two co-curricular options before joining us. These could be sports like Football, Basketball or Tennis or they could be creative options like Musical Theatre, Dance or Visual Arts. Most co-curricular options are organised and run by our team of wonderful Activity Leaders, most of whom are Old Sennockians (former Sevenoaks pupils), usually alongside an experienced professional coach. Additionally, we have our own Sevenoaks day pupils who come in to take part in the co-curricular programme, making the activities on offer really feel like Sevenoaks.

4. Location, Location, Location!

Sevenoaks is a small but vibrant market town on the outskirts of London and the school is conveniently situated within it. Just 25 minutes on the train from Central London, 30 minutes from Gatwick Airport and 60 minutes from Heathrow Airport, we couldn’t be better placed.

5. Improve your application forms

The world’s leading schools and universities are becoming increasingly competitive. While it is tempting to spend summers on the beach or lounging by the pool, there is a way for students to have fun and, at the same time, boost their CVs and application forms. Summer Programmes like ours at Sevenoaks help students show schools and universities that they have been productive with their summers and have stepped out of their comfort zones to improve themselves. 

6. Safe environment

After the challenges of 2020 from a healthcare perspective, it is entirely understandable that parents are doubly concerned about medical provisions that are in place at the school. All of our residential staff here at Sevenoaks are first aid trained and we also have a Nurse who comes to the boarding houses every morning to see any students who need her. We have a strong and long-standing relationship with a doctor’s surgery in Sevenoaks who will happily see any of our students who need medical care. One positive of the reaction to the pandemic has been the care taken with regards handwashing and, as a result, we have a huge number of hand sanitising stations throughout the school which will remain during the summer. Additionally, we have thermometers in each building, enabling us to rapidly take the temperature of all students, thus helping to keep our school community safe

7. Wonderful Staff

Unlike the vast majority of summer programmes in the UK and around the world, all of the teachers on Sevenoaks School Summer Programme are Sevenoaks School teachers. This means that the same teachers who help our students achieve their academic goals each year also teach on the Summer Programme. Having our own teachers really makes the Summer Programme feel like Sevenoaks and, as so many of our Summer Programme students are planning on applying to join the school in the future, it helps them to get a view of what academic life is like at the school. Outside of the classroom, the Heads of Houses on the boarding side are all Sevenoaks School boarding staff, meaning they know the school and they know boarding. Co-curricular staff are a combination of Old Sennockians and professional coaches. Having Old Sennockians on the staff is also a good way for Summer Programme students to learn about being a student at Sevenoaks during the year.

8. Amazing Students

Students on the Summer Programme come from all over the world, making the experience truly global and diverse. In 2019, we welcomed just over 100 students from over 30 different countries and we anticipate greater diversity still in 2020. We place a limit on the number of students who speak the same first language as we want to embrace the varied nature of the programme and we want English to be the language spoken at all times. As all students need to have a minimum level of English of B2, it is not usually a problem to ensure this is the case. Having our own Sevenoaks day pupils also helps to give Summer Programme students a truthful idea of what being a student at the school year-round is like. 

9. Make friends for life

Sevenoaks students are bright, engaging and sociable and one of the joys of the Summer Programme is the strength of the bond that is formed between so many students in just two weeks. Almost two years on from our first Summer Programme, many students are still good friends with their roommates and classmates from that Summer Programme. 

As well as improving key skills like Critical Thinking and Social Leadership, time is built into the schedule to allow students to relax and get to know each other in their boarding houses in the evenings. Sundays are also a great opportunity for friendships to grow and develop, as younger students are encouraged to go into Sevenoaks to enjoy the cafes and shops. Older students are also allowed to take the train in small friendship groups and visit London. Parental permission must be given for these trips but they are a great way to nurture relationships and explore our capital city.

10. Sevenoaks School

Sevenoaks School is one of the world’s leading IB schools and our Summer Programme gives students the ideal opportunity to get a taste of what life is like here for our students. In 2020, 214 students took the IB Diploma, one of the largest cohorts among UK and global IB schools. The average Diploma score for 2020 was 40.14 points, about ten points above the world average. Eighteen students achieved the maximum 45 points, with 24 securing 44 points and another 23 securing 43 points. Over 63 per cent of the cohort achieved 40 points or more.

Many of the students who join us for the Summer Programme are coming with a view to apply to the Sixth Form here at Sevenoaks making this the ideal way to get a feel for the school and meet some future classmates.

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