University results 2022

Congratulations to our students who secured some excellent university places for 2022 entry. They received an impressive range of offers despite the increased level of competition as a result of two years of A-level grade inflation during the pandemic year and the demographic increase in the number of 18-year-olds.

In the fast-changing context of UK and international university admissions, fewer opted to apply for Oxford and Cambridge in favour of international universities or similarly prestigious degree courses at other UK universities or courses that offer work placement years, study abroad or have a more vocational focus.

The Spectator named us, for the second year running, as the eighth best independent school in the UK for numbers of pupils going to Oxford and Cambridge, and 20 students this year have joined the OS already there.

Of the UK entrants, 82 per cent took a place at a Russell Group university. UCL is the most popular destination, with 21 Sennockians heading to Russell Square this year. We have seen an increase in the number of students accepting places at Edinburgh, Bath and Manchester (rated 27th in the world by the respected QS league table). Furthermore, applications to degree apprenticeships are of increasing interest to our students, while others choose to take a gap year and either defer an existing offer or make a post-qualification application.

Our leavers also continue to progress to a range of universities globally, with around a fifth of the cohort taking up a university place in the US, Canada, Europe, or another international destination. Chosen North American destinations include Brown, Chicago, Columbia, Duke, Johns Hopkins, McGill, MIT, University of Michigan, NYU, Toronto, UCLA and Yale.

In terms of degree course choice, around 40 per cent of the cohort are taking Arts and Humanities courses and another 40 per cent are pursuing a STEM degree. Around a fifth of the cohort will study both Arts and Sciences, reflecting the breadth of their IB Diploma studies.

University results 2021

The overwhelming majority – 98 per cent – of our 226 Sennockians starting their studies in 2021 are at their firm choice university. In the UK that means that 85 per cent of them are at elite Russell Group universities, including 26 students at University College London, 16 at Durham, 15 at Cambridge, 13 at Oxford, 12 at Edinburgh, nine at Exeter, nine at Imperial College, eight at LSE and eight at Bristol.

However, 23 per cent went international and began their studies at top universities in the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe. The average for other ISC schools is just five per cent. Forty-two of our students are making themselves at home in top North American colleges, including five to the University of Chicago, four to the University of Toronto; three to Brown; and two each to Northeastern, Berkeley, UPenn and Yale. We also have students going to Columbia, Stanford, Dartmouth College, Johns Hopkins, the California Institute of Technology, Wesleyan, New York University and Claremont McKenna, among others. A further nine of our students are entering prestigious universities in Asia and Europe, including Bocconi, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Sciences Po and the National University of Singapore.

This year, 15 Sennockians are on the road to becoming doctors, vets and dentists. Meanwhile, with the IB providing an excellent preparation for interdisciplinary studies, it’s perhaps no surprise that 39 Sennockians are taking combined degrees or Liberal Arts programmes in the UK or the US.

Fifty-two per cent will study subjects in the Arts and Humanities and 31 per cent will take STEM courses.