06 May 2015

Spanish exchange trip to Santiago

Our L6 students enjoyed a 10 day exchange trip to Santiago

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As we already knew the Spanish exchange students, finding our footsteps in Santiago was made that much easier. Collectively, the Spanish students’ warm and welcoming greeting after a long trip from the UK to Portugal and then having driven to Spain was much appreciated.

The trip, including a mixture of attending our exchanges classes, making ‘Una Tortilla España’, day trips to Coruña and a ‘Baile Latino’ class, filled the exchange with an abundance of activities that as a group we thoroughly enjoyed. The highlight for the girls in particular was definitely the trip to ‘Inditex’, where we were able to see the production of Zara clothes in action. The glamour of a creative workplace, mixed with seeing a live photo shoot and the intricate stages that each piece of clothing goes through was exciting and allowed us to appreciate how a multi-national corporation like Zara works on a daily basis.

Above all, the trip not only improved our understanding and speaking of Spanish a considerable amount, but also let us experience Spanish culture first hand. As a group, we bonded well with the Spanish exchanges, allowing us to make friends that we will keep in contact with in the future. The Spanish exchange was an enjoyable, comprehensive experience that will be remembered for years to come.

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