03 August 2020

KAN Virtual Summer Event

Due to Covid-19, the KAN Summer Residential was unable to go ahead. However, it was replaced with a fantastic online event for students.

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Due to Covid-19 the Spring meet-up and Easter residential week were unfortuantely unable to go ahead this year. However, the Summer 2020 residential was replaced with an online event (via Zoom) on 6 – 7 July and was extremely well received.

The morning sessions on Monday and Tuesday were hosted by 2-3 degrees, who made students think critically about productivity goal setting. One student wrote that they ‘found it very inspirational’ and it gave them ‘a chance to put everything into prospective on how to move forward.’ Another said that the sessions helped them to improve their work ethic. 

On Wednesday the Brilliant Club facilitated two academic masterclasses: a PhD student from Queen Mary delivered a lecture about her research into Keloid Scars and a PhD student from Kings College London led a discussion around human rights. The students made the most of the chance to ask questions from the experts and engage in academic discussion in areas not often studied at school. 

Part of the sessions also involved Slow Looking workshops with Sevenoaks teacher, Charley Openshaw. Students drew from a small section of Turner’s ‘Rain, Steam and Speed – the Great Western Railway.’ This was a relaxing chance to nurture creativity and focus and was enjoyed by all.

Finally, the days concluded with students getting quality time with their mentors. In small groups students had a chance to reflect on the day but also check-in with their own personal goals and targets.

The students and mentors alike relished the chance to connect with each other, albeit virtually, and are looking forward to more opportunities to connect virtually later this year.  

Isla Phillips, KAN Director

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