11 November 2016

Head of Psychology promotes our Global Classroom approach to schools in Singapore

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Ian Campbell (Head of Psychology and Firefly Manager) recently spent time in Malaysia and Singapore leading conferences and visiting schools to promote the Sevenoaks School ‘Global Classroom’ initiative.

The initiative involves students at Sevenoaks School working collaboratively with students overseas to enhance learning, broaden cultural awareness and enhance tolerance between nations. Firefly Learning Platform is the means of collaboration although there might be physical exchanges in the future.

Ian has been working with Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM) for two years in a pilot project with his Psychology students, and engaging in a number of projects with IB Psychology students at MCM. The collaboration has been a success, and the aim is now to expand the project with other interested schools and other departments.

The schools Ian visited were UWC (East campus), Tanglin Trust, Marlborough College Malaysia and St Joseph’s Institution Singapore.

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