Standard Fees

                  Per term                  Per annum

Day Pupil    £7,785                      £23,355

Boarder      £12,432                     £37,296

Pupils moving from the Middle to Upper School pay a supplementary fee of £155 per term towards the additional costs of the IB.

Direct Entry to Sixth Form

The fees for those pupils who enter the School in the Sixth Form are as follows:     

                    Per term                Per annum

Day Pupil       £8,841                 £26,523

Boarder         £13,488                £40,464

Supplementary fees

Visa fees   £425 
International Baccalaureate £150 per term (applicable to standard fee payers only)

Music Tuition

The cost of music tuition is £27 for a thirty minute lesson (£729.00 for 27 thirty minute lessons). The hire charge for use of musical instruments will be £50.00 per term.

Payment of Fees and Extras

Fees and extras may be paid by direct debit (this method requires the payer to have a UK bank account), cheque, bank transfer or bankers draft in GBP. Fees may not be paid in cash. Please click here for the direct debit form. 

Details of the Fees in Advance Scheme. (i.e. capital payment of all, or several, years' school fees in advance) are available here.

Terms and Conditions

The current terms and conditions can be found here

Friends of Sevenoaks

A subscription of £15 per family per year is added to the school bill.