16 June 2015

Exchange with Pacioli Institute, Crema, Italy

Students studying Italian partake in an exchange in Italy

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Over the summer half term, nine ab initio Italian students headed to Crema in Northern Italy to partake in an exchange. We all went with hopes of improving our Italian and getting to know the culture of the country whose language we had been learning for the past year.

The school that our exchange pupils attend is in the beautiful and historic town of Crema, which we enjoyed exploring. We also had day trips to other historical towns nearby, and to Milan. In Milan we visited the Duomo, which we all loved, Teatro alla Scala and the Castle. Some of us were also lucky enough to be taken by our exchange partners to Expo in Milan, and we got to witness one of the major events happening in Italy this year.

The trip was a huge success; we got much closer as a group, saw some fantastic things, improved our Italian greatly and most importantly, made some great friends in our Italian exchanges.

By Tabitha Steemson

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