We offer modern and family-friendly boarding for around 350 boys and girls

Our boarding community is the size of many whole boarding schools, and our seven well-appointed boarding houses are imaginatively managed.

The quality of boarding provision and care is excellent. Houses are warm, comfortable and well maintained.

ISI Report 2013

Five boarding houses cater for pupils from ages 13 to 18: School House, Johnsons and Aisher House for boys, and Sennocke and Park Grange for girls. The International Centre and the Girls' International House cater for Sixth Form boys and girls respectively. Please note that we no longer offer boarding for Lower School pupils. 

Our boarding provision will increase from 2019, with the development of two new boarding houses, to accommodate students from age 13+. 

Boarding at Sevenoaks is fun, comfortable and busy. A full programme of sporting, cultural and social activities runs every weekend. Families are welcome to visit, and pupils may go home at the end of the school day on Saturday once sporting commitments are finished. Many pupils, however, prefer to stay in school for the weekend to join in all the activities.

See our Boarding at Sevenoaks video 

Housemasters and Housemistresses share with their team of assistants, resident and non-resident tutors and house matrons the duties and responsibilities of caring for the children, some of whom may be away from home for the first time.

Boarding can provide an excellent transition from home to independence and maturity; the Sixth Form boarding houses, in particular, enable boys and girls to enjoy the benefits of boarding at an important stage in their school careers, and to prepare for life at university.   

It's hard to find a more liberal, progressive and culturally diverse boarding school in the UK. At Sevenoaks, you feel respected and admired for who you are.

Upper Sixth student