International Applicants

As a school with an international focus, and with all students undertaking the International Baccalaureate, we welcome applications from overseas candidates. The school has a very diverse mix of students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, cultures and religions, and we embrace this cosmopolitan and global approach. Please note we will no longer provide boarding for Year 7 or Year 8 students. 

Please find detailed below some commonly asked questions and answers that parents applying from overseas may find useful:

What is the deadline for overseas applications?

The deadlines listed on our website apply to both UK and international applicants. Applications from overseas are not treated any differently to those from the UK

What do I do if my child requires a visa to study in the UK?

If your child is offered a boarding place at Sevenoaks School and requires a visa to study at Sevenoaks School, assuming you meet the conditions of our visa policy, we may be able to sponsor your child. We ask that, prior to submitting the visa application, you pay the first year's fees in full to assist a smooth process. Our Visa Coordinator, Melanie Fearfield, will guide you through the visa application procedure and provide you with support for any visa enquiries. There is a visa administration charge of £450, payable to Sevenoaks School, which will be added to your first term's bill.

Please click here to enter the details we need for our visa requirements. 

How many places for overseas students are there each year?

We do not have specific limits on the number of overseas students that we admit year on year, although we do try to ensure that a balance of nationalities is maintained to ensure a truly international experience for any child attending Sevenoaks School. Please note we only offer boarding places at Year 9 and Sixth Form. 

Can my child sit their tests in their home country? 

If your child is applying for the Sixth Form, they are welcome to sit the tests in their own country, provided that they are able to find a suitable invigilator. A suitable invigilator should either be at your child's current school, or at the local British Council. For entry to Year 9 children will be tested either in Sevenoaks or in Hong Kong.

Are pupils from overseas required to have a guardian in the UK when studying at Sevenoaks School? 

Yes. It is a legal requirement that all students whose parents live overseas, have a named guardian living in the UK. If you need help finding a guardian for your child, we are happy to recommend agencies that provide a guardian service.

Can my child come for a term / shorter period to improve their language skills?

As all spaces are usually filled at Sevenoaks School apart from at the formal admissions points (11+, 13+ and 16+), we are unable to accommodate any students for short periods of time.

Can my child complete the Sixth Form in one year rather than two? 

As the International Baccalaureate (studied in the Sixth Form) is a rigorous two-year course of study, we are not able to admit students wishing to complete the course in one year.

Does an international student have to apply via an agency?

No, this is not necessary. Although we welcome applications through agencies, we are equally happy to accept applications direct from an applicant. 

How good does my child's written and oral English need to be? 

All subjects are taught in English at Sevenoaks School. Therefore students must have a high level of fluency in English, both written and spoken: between an Intermediate and Upper Intermediate level, equivalent to between B1 and B2 (CEFR); ALTE level 2/3; or IELTS levels 4.5 to 6. Formal language qualifications are welcomed but not required.

Does my child need to complete a UKiset test in order to apply to Sevenoaks School? 

We do not require that your child completes a UKiset test prior to applying. However, Sevenoaks is an academically selective school and does not suit all students. Some of our candidates, particularly those not at UK school or those for whom English is a second language, may wish to have an early indication of their suitability. If this is the case, then you may wish to consider a UKiset test.

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