Year 9 2027+
Early Decision

1. Visit us

We hold a number of Open Mornings and Group Visits throughout the year which give a general introduction to the school, a tour of the campus and, if appropriate, a visit to a boarding house. Following a visit, you can arrange an individual meeting with a member of the Admissions team. We also offer virtual events if you are unable to visit the school in person. 

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2. Application

Before you make an application, please use the age checker to make sure your child’s age is correct for the year of entry. Students should normally be aged 13 on 1 September of the year of entry. However, we are willing to consider candidates who are up to six months younger or older. Please contact Admissions before completing the application form if your child’s date of birth falls outside the expected dates. 

Use our age checker

The next step is to complete the application form and to pay the registration fee (£350 for a boarding application or £200 for a day application).

Day Application  Boarding application

Families who have already applied for 2027 will be contacted in Spring 2024 and asked whether they wish to opt for Early Decision or Later Decision.

Parents’ contact details

The information given on the online application form is used for all our communications. It is therefore important that you notify us of any change of email, postal address or circumstances during the application process. This is particularly important if you have applied some years in advance of entry.

3. Confirmation

Between June and October three years prior to entry, we will ask you to confirm that you wish to go ahead with the Year 9 entry process.

We will also ask you to provide us with more detailed information regarding your child’s co-curricular passions, as well as any medical conditions, learning support and special educational needs your child may have.

Day students who wish to apply for financial assistance should read the policy and apply at this stage.  

References from current school

Early Decision applications are open only to candidates who will be staying in their current school for Years 7 and 8. If a child needs to move school, this must be agreed in advance by the Director of Admissions.

Before we can offer a place, we must receive a confidential reference from the candidate’s current school. We will write to the school once you have completed the confirmation forms.

4. Assessment

All Early Decision applicants will need to take the ISEB pre-test in their current school or another testing centre in late October or early November.

We expect to invite most candidates to the assessment day in Sevenoaks in early January. They will take the same tests as the Year 7 candidates who are testing on the same day to join the school two years earlier. They will be tested in English and Maths, and participate in a 40-minute group discussion. Boarding applicants will also participate in teamwork activities.

Please note that all Early Decision candidates must attend the assessment day in Sevenoaks. If this is not possible, you should opt for a Later Decision application.

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5. Results

Results will be sent out in mid-February after the assessments.

Parents will need to send a copy of their child’s school report at the end of Year 7 and spring of Year 8. We reserve the right to seek a further reference from the current school and, if necessary, withdraw an offer in the event of serious concerns.

6. Accepting your place 

Congratulations! We’re looking forward to seeing you at Sevenoaks soon. New students and parents will be invited to a range of activities as part of the induction process.

Acceptance of all places must be confirmed by the payment of a deposit (£2000 for day pupils; £5000 for boarding pupils) and the completion of a Form of Acceptance by the date specified in our offer letter. Any candidate who decides not to accept their place is requested to inform us of their decision as soon as possible so their place can be released to a reserved candidate.

7. Scholarships

Sevenoaks offers scholarships to honour and celebrate exceptional talent in academia, music, sports, drama and art. All academic and co-curricular scholarships are assessed in the spring of Year 8 and results are issued at the end of May via email.

Information about applying for scholarships will be provided in your offer letter.  

Scholarship information


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