18 June 2018

Young Writers Workshop

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Budding authors aged nine and ten joined a Young Writers Workshop at Sevenoaks recently, spending a morning with specialist English teachers and learning how to improve their skills.

We organised the event on 9 June for over 50 Year 5 students from a range of local primary schools, all of whom were nominated by their teachers because they have a passion for creative writing.

During the day the English department delivered a range of activities to awaken their creative senses, broaden their vocabulary and help them make new friends.

 Students started their day with a visualisation session – they had to close their eyes and imagine their favourite place, focusing on how it smelt, sounded and made them feel. They took this concept out into the woodland area of the school campus and collected objects which they, in groups, had to describe in terms of their senses. After a short break they wrote their descriptive piece on the theme of woodland and forests.

The boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed the morning and it inspired them to use their newly acquired skills in their future writing.

One pupil said: ‘I really enjoyed it! This amazing workshop rejuvenated my imagination. I’m going to use the passage that I wrote here in the book I’m writing. If only I could come again!!’

We have offered the workshop for seven years and hope it has encouraged many children to enjoy and develop their writing further. 

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