25 May 2018

Year 8 Trip to Valencia

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Over the weekend some of the Year 8 students went on a trip to Valencia, Spain. We did many interesting activities and learned a lot about the culture in Spain. We also practised our Spanish language skills.

On our first and last evenings we tried traditional Spanish foods, like mussels, paella (which originated in Valencia), and many tapas such as croquetas, tiny fried squid, calamari, patatas bravas, cheese, and ham. We also tried churros with chocolate, which were delicious!

During our trip we visited the City of Arts and Sciences, where we watched an interesting film on engineering and visited an amazing aquarium, where we saw penguins, jellyfish, many fish and a dolphin show. There were also some very large and very impressive walruses. On another day, we visited a zoo called the Bioparc, where we saw animals like lions, gorillas, giraffes, among others. My favourite part of the trip, however, was the beach, because the weather was beautiful both days and swimming in the ocean was fun. We also met some other kids around our ages at the beach, and practised speaking in Spanish with them!

Payton Hawkins, Year 8

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