16 March 2017

Year 8 £10 student challenge

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In February, we launched the £10 Challenge, in which all of our Year 8 pupils were given £10 in cash, and the opportunity to try to turn it into as much money as possible for charity using their entrepreneurial initiative.

Last week we ran sessions in which the students presented their ideas, the challenges they had faced, the results of their ideas and some basic financial analysis of their work. The students had come up with an amazing variety of activities ranging from selling Chinese sweets and car washing, to holding a film night and making and selling bath bombs, lip balms, candles and personalised plant pots. One group of dog lovers did exceptionally well selling homemade doggie treats, having spent a long time researching the best ingredients for dog wellbeing.

It was an excellent activity, embraced by all of the students with enthusiasm and commitment, and resulted in the year group raising over £1650 for the We See Hope charity in under four weeks!

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