19 March 2018

Year 8 £10 Challenge

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When we were first given our £10 seed fund, we created a list of possible ideas, which included making keychains, making bath bombs and hosting an event such as an Easter egg hunt or karaoke night. We ended up choosing to host a craft-making workshop for Years 3 to 6 in Tabitha’s village hall, and selling homemade sweets to our friends and families.

During half term we produced advertisements for our workshop, circulating to local primary schools and the community. We ran two workshops involving crafts such as pompom making, clay modelling and stress ball making.

For the sweet production we made gummi bears, chocolate caramel, toffee, fudge, marshmallows and butter mints. Adults purchasing our sweets seemed to like them due to their professional execution, and the logo that Tabitha designed really gave them a more professional look. Our total profit, including charitable donations from the craft fair, were £200.70.

Our favourite part of the challenge was the craft workshops. We had a lot of fun making things with the children and it was a success financially. It gave us experience in holding a professional event and we developed skills such as planning, organisation and financial management.

We would recommend this project to other students, as we had lots of fun doing it and learned a lot!


Tabitha Bolter, Payton Hawkins and Charlotte Honer, Year 8

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