30 June 2015

Year 7 Classics trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace

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On Monday 22 June, we went to Fishbourne Roman Palace and enjoyed several activities including: role play of soldiers in the Roman Army, food tasting, looking at the remains of the palace and the reconstructed garden. We also explored the museum, learnt to write Ancient Roman characters on wax tablets and saw our friends dressed up as King Cogidubnus.

One of our favourite activities was food tasting – we loved the carrots which had been prepared with olive oil, vinegar and cumin. There was also delicious bread made with honey and olive oil, substituting sugar and butter; surprisingly, it tasted just the same. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences between ancient and modern-day things. This was a very enjoyable and educational trip.

Alice Nightingale and Ellie Gwyther

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